St. Andrew House

A Pan Orthodox institution dedicated to Orthodox Unity

Follow the Cross to the St. Andrew Center...even in the snow

Waiting for the Bishops..."y'Allah y'Allah Your's getting cold out here!"

The Conference begins with Great Vespers in St. Raphael of Brooklyn

Kh. Frederica Mathewes-Green provided a touching testimony of her conversion.  "I just didn't get it like he (Fr. Gregory) did, but I trusted him."

His Eminence sets the tone of the Conference with his keynote - "This is the first of many..."

"The Anglican Church is a western example of an autocephalous, locally ruled Church...Sounds good to me!"

Tuesday begins with Liturgy

Fr. Gregory Mathewes-Green delivers one of the many fine presentations

"I think I like his wife better..."  LOL

Fr. Patrick Reardon - the Orthodox version of Don Rickles...

"I met this woman who said she came from a 'progressive' Orthodox parish - 'We only do half the liturgy in ancient Slavonic,' she told me'"

The fellowship was great...breaking bread as a group

Steve Lionas, chairman of the event, offers a few concluding remarks..."We are lucky to have leaders like Archbishop Nathaniel of Detroit."

Prayers for a safe return offerred by His Eminence

"We haven't had this much fun since..."

"...and I have it all on tape...." John Maddex, Ancient Faith Radio

The Conference's real guides...