St. Andrew House

A Pan Orthodox institution dedicated to Orthodox Unity

Directions to St. Andrew House

St. Andrew House - Center for Orthodox Christian Studies

A Pan Orthodox Institution dedicated to Orthodox Unity

From the West:                                                                                    From the East:

Exit I-96 at Telegraph Road. Follow Schoolcraft                                     Exit I-96 at Outer Drive.  Follow the service road.

(south service road of I-96) approximately 1/4                                      to the stoplight at Virgil.  Turn left on Virgil crossing

mile east of Telegraph to Virgil. Turn right on Virgil,                               over the expressway, and go south to Davison.

and go south to Davison. Turn left on Davison,                                      Turn left on Davison, and follow as it jogs to the

and follow as it jogs to the right, around the cor-                                   right, around the corner of the Center grounds.

ner of the Center grounds. Turn left into the Cen-                                  Turn left into Center grounds and park in the

ter grounds and park in the oval driveway.                                            oval driveway.

Address and Contact Information:

St. Andrew House Center for Orthodox Christian Studies
23300 Davison Avenue
Detroit, Michigan 48223
Tel 313 533 3437 Fax 313 533 3529
Email: [email protected]